Once Upon A World

Miondor. Two suns. Acidic oceans. True Night comes once a year.

Prince Eraus, second son of King Horaus and Queen Moran, was born of True Night. He’s shy, bookish, and adored by the people. Torn between his devotion to duty and his desire for obscurity, Eraus wants to live a quiet, uneventful life.

Two lands. No innovation. No progress. An uneasy peace.

Gertie Ferked is pragmatic and intelligent. A patient presidential candidate, she’s planning sweeping changes to make life bearable for the downtrodden masses. Her passion is equal rights for Vash Morah, a flame fanned even brighter by the murder of her daughter, Uma, who returns as one of the undead. Continue reading “Once Upon A World”


The Miondor series is an epic saga of seven fantasy books, featuring heroes and villains, living and dead people, love and conflict, kings and whores, powerful religions, prophecies, fantastical creatures, and a myriad of fascinating concepts.

Miondor is a flat world with two major landmasses, teetering in space between a red sun and a blue sun. The oceans are acidic, and at least one sun is always present in the sky. Darkness comes just once a year, a brief period known as True Night, the birth of the new year. Continue reading “Miondor”