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My name is Brett Kiellerop and I’m a middle-aged curmudgeon. I’m also a human being, embracing all the joys and challenges which life throws my way.

As a writer, I have a lot of emotional baggage to draw on for inspiration. Most of my work, however, comes from a general sense of existential despair.

Let me tell you a little about myself…


Great Articles Today At Favorite Hunks

Tye Briggs, of Favorite Hunks fame, has always been encouraging and supportive of my photography. Over the last few years, he’s dedicated several articles to my dabblings in nude male photography. Today, he’s added more 🙂 Quaternate: Brett Kiellerop Another Kick at the Bucket: James by Brett Kiellerop Favorite Pic of the Day for September …

Water Wings

I can’t pinpoint the moment I realised our daughter was different, but I know exactly when I accepted her difference as fact. This moment right here, right now. There were signs along the way – some subtle, others not-so-much – which offered hints, slowly preparing my husband and I for this beautiful reality. Despite these …

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