Skull & Crossbones

“There it is,” Skull whispered, pointing at the dilapidated house. Nighthaven was built high on the bluff, overlooking Eyrie Cove. He looked at his friend, whose eyes were wide with fear… or maybe just apprehension. “Are you sure you want to do this?”

“It’s just one cranky old man, guarding the treasure,” Crossbones sniggered, playfully digging his elbow into his friend’s ribs. “I’m game if you are!”

The two childhood friends cautiously made their way towards the derelict building, starting at every noise that escaped from the scrub surrounding them. Continue reading “Skull & Crossbones”

About the Binda Universe

Hunted - an introduction to the Binda Universe

Wracked by war and long-term abuse, Earth can no longer sustain life. Humanity is dying, with the last vestiges desperately scraping together an existence below ground. Salvation is discovered, however, in orbit around Jupiter.

A cluster of bubbles, each the size of a marble, is scooped up by a routine mining craft in transit to Jupiter. During discovery and experimentation, scientists determine that the bubbles can expand. They grow to encompass any volume of air or materials placed inside them, protecting their contents from the harsh environment. Continue reading “About the Binda Universe”

The Change

I sped through the forest, the scent of my prey filling my nostrils, guiding me. I spotted an anxious movement ahead in the undergrowth and slowed a little, giving the deer a false hope of escape. The hunt is the thrill, the feeding just an afterthought… a way to build energy for the next hunt.

It had stopped in a clearing, looking nervously around it, trying to locate the source of the threat. I circled round the outskirts of the clearing, deliberately snapping the occasional twig or letting the odd growl escape my throat. The deer whirled in a panic at every noise, and the thrill made every hair along my spine stand up. Continue reading “The Change”

Old Friend

“There’s a patch over there that needs scrubbing.” Bert pointed out a lump of plaque, then watched, sadly, as his partner struggled to locate the fatty deposit. “How are your eye sensors today?”

“Couldn’t be better,” Eric replied, cheerfully. After he finally spotted the blemish on the artery wall, he stiffly extended his scrubbing arm and wiped the plaque clean with awkward, jerky movements.

“Did you hear about the boss?” Bert asked, ignoring his friend’s discomfort. Continue reading “Old Friend”


I crave that which sustains me, yet I fear that which I crave.

As a human, I suffered extreme haemophobia. At the merest suggestion of blood I would either faint or flee in a blind panic… usually while screaming, or vomiting, or both. This irrational fear was my achilles heel in an otherwise ordinary, masculine life. It was the default option my mates would stoop to, whenever they felt the need to mock me or were too lazy to think of an original blow during drunken banter at the pub.

Now, post-human, I must drink of the disgusting substance every few days. My Mother-in-Blood, someone I naively believed to be another attractive cougar, biding her time to drunkenly make her move on me at the pub, couldn’t resist the irony. After overhearing a conversation regarding my dread of the sight of the blood, she, as anyone would, decided I had to be turned into a creature of the night that survived purely by drinking blood straight from the arteries of others. Continue reading “Scalpel”

The Gift

There is no gift greater than a Mother’s love

Place: Ingham, Queensland, Australia.

Date: 7th March 1977 – my 8th Birthday.

Being a sickly child, I’d been evacuated to the local hospital the day before. The hospital was on a hill, just above the predicted level of the flood that threatened our town.

When I woke up, I was greeted with the sight of Ingham under water. The familiar streets and houses were gone: all that remained were the rooftops. Some houses were taller than the others, and you could see the tops of their windows. Furniture and other household items bobbed up and down in the water inside those windows, occasionally bumping into the glass. Continue reading “The Gift”

Never give unsolicited advice

We all know at least one of them: people who love to ram their own opinion down our throat and point out that we’re doing the wrong thing. How do we normally respond? We roll our eyes, we tune out to what they’re saying, and we try to end the discussion as quickly as possible. Ultimately, we place no value on their opinion and walk away thinking ‘what a tosser!’ They’re probably a good mate in all other respects, fun to go to the pub with, entertaining at a party, always willing to help us move house, but we have no respect for them at all.

One of the basic tenets I live by is this: never give unsolicited advice! That also includes my unsolicited opinion, as giving someone your opinion is tantamount to giving advice. Even before I trained as a counsellor and life coach, learning the value of silence and restraint, I’d always strived to be open-minded and tolerant, and to keep my advice and opinions in check. There are a few reasons for this, and I’ll outline them below. Continue reading “Never give unsolicited advice”

Hunted: an Introduction to the Binda Universe

Hunted - an introduction to the Binda Universe

Etano Teramis Kal is a CAPDIV Agent, tasked with bringing elusive criminals to justice. After he suffers a tragic loss in his personal life, he sets out on a journey of revenge to dispense his own personal form of justice. Using his metaphysical abilities, Etano must track down the person responsible before his fellow CAPDIV Agents can find the offender. Along the way, he uncovers a secret that has been hidden for thousands of years.

Psience City is a world inside a bubble, floating aimlessly through space. Every citizen of Psience City has metaphysical abilities to some degree, able to manipulate either the minds of others, the physical world, or time itself. When a child is born without abilities, they are ‘cleansed’. Psience City is a highly functional, efficient, and dark place.

‘Hunted’, at approximately 10,000 words, is technically a novelette (long short story? short novella?). It is complete within itself, having a complex plot and rich characters. The story also serves as an introduction to the Binda Universe, the setting for an epic trilogy of space operas. The first saga, ‘Bubble Federation’, is coming soon.