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Brett BridgmanBrett Kiellerop writes speculative fiction. He loves world building. He enjoys creating interesting characters and killing them off in inventive ways. He fires up during debates on the correct use of commas.

In his spare time, Brett enjoys long walks, spending time with his loved ones, and people watching in cafes. Coffee goes in, words come out. He does not enjoy lies, hypocrisy, watching the world self destruct, and going to the dentist.

Brett lives in Wellington, New Zealand, with his partner David Morris. If you’ve never been to New Zealand, you really should come visit one day. It’s staggeringly beautiful 🙂



“Tell me a bedtime story, George.” Amy, seven years old, tucked herself into bed as she pleaded with her companion. “It’s a little late, isn’t it?” George questioned, his voice stern. “Pleeeease?” Amy smiled, exposing the gaps where her front teeth had fallen out. “OK, fine.” George relented with a sigh. Amy squealed with delight …


The inhabitants of the planet Fele referred to themselves as ‘feisty’ and ‘passionate’; however, other member races of the United Planets called them bloodthirsty, belligerent, vain, and a little fragrant. Through civil wars, blood feuds, and family disagreements, the planet Fele was an arid wasteland. Only after its inhabitants ran out of resources for their …


Dayko, test pilot and youngest son of the Phan royal family, sat in quiet contemplation with his head resting on his knees. His perch at the peak of the palace afforded him views across the landscape in every direction. His  next test flight – possibly his last test flight – was due to take place …

Frequently Asked Questions

David and BrettAre you married?

I’ve shared my life with David Morris since 1996. We were legally married in Toronto, Canada, in July 2005; however, we held a small, unofficial ceremony aboard a paddle steamer on the Brisbane River in January, 1998, with our loved ones. We consider that to be our wedding ceremony.

Where do you live?

At the moment, David and I live in Wellington, New Zealand. We are Australians with a wanderlust, having also lived in Canada, the UK, and Luxembourg. Next stop? Madrid!

No matter where we reside, Brisbane is where our hearts live. Continue reading “Frequently Asked Questions”

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