The inhabitants of the planet Fele referred to themselves as ‘feisty’ and ‘passionate’; however, other member races of the United Planets called them bloodthirsty, belligerent, vain, and a little fragrant.
Through civil wars, blood feuds, and family disagreements, the planet Fele was an arid wasteland. Only after its inhabitants ran out of resources for their war machines did they finally band together to seek a solution.

Their answer? Invasion. A hostile takeover of another planet. Scientists were seconded from research into war machines and moved into the search for intelligent life outside the United Planets. The Fele could have moved on another planet within the UP, however no other known species had developed a brain which could host their intelligence.

Eventually, success. The scientists discovered a world which was rich in resources for war machines, had an agreeable climate, and a dominant intelligent species ripe for possession. All members of the Fele lined up, waiting to be assigned a target on Earth. Then, just as their home planet farted and died, the Fele transferred their minds – a massive hostile takeover attempt – into the dominant intelligent species on Earth.

Imagine their surprise when, after they’d acclimated, the Fele discovered a bigger, dumber species on Earth. This species appeared to be in charge, despite being inferior in every way to the more intelligent species.

Then, to add to their horror, they couldn’t communicate with the dumb species. The big idiots lacked telepathic skills, only communicating via vocal sounds or basic hieroglyphs. This was a huge problem for the Fele, as the only noises their new feline bodies made were purrs and meows. They were also completely incapable of holding any writing instruments.

So the Fele decided to take the long view. They let themselves be domesticated, and relaxed while the big idiots did everything for them. Now, they bide their time. They’re waiting for evolution to gift them with opposable thumbs.