Frequently Asked Questions

You’re amazing! Are you single?

No. Sorry. I’ve shared my life with my chubby hubby, David Morris, since 1996. He’s annoying, slightly smelly, and has a voice that shreds glass, but he’s all mine. Yay.

Where do you get your ideas from?

I steal them from the dreams of my neighbours as they sleep. BTW: Bob from number 32, you’re a sick fucker! No wonder we get along so well 😉

Do you have a writing process? Describe your routine.

My writing process is scrambled and chaotic, varying minute to minute, day to day. The only thing I do without fail is keep extensive notes… I have a terrible memory!

Do you base your characters on people you know?

Never! No. Maybe… Sometimes… Is this being recorded?
*furtive glance around*

What did you do with your life before writing?

I had a brief stint as a mainframe computer operator in my late teens and early 20s, then studied to become a counsellor. I specialised in helping youths struggling with their gender and/or sexual identity.

Where do you live?

At the moment, David and I live in Wellington, New Zealand. We are Australians with a wanderlust, having also lived in Canada, the UK, and Luxembourg. Next stop? Paris!

Do you see yourself as a writer?

Writing will always be my first love, but I love to experiment with other creative outlets. I like to dabble in sculpture, painting, music, and photography. In 2012 I created a book of artistic male nudes, and I still enjoy creating portfolios for emerging models. Interested in modelling for me? Check out my modelmayhem profile 🙂

Isn’t being a nude male photographer just an excuse to see dick?

I prefer to photograph men in speedos, but dick sells. To be honest, I think dicks are ugly… but they have their uses 😉

What are you currently working on?

I typically have three projects on the go at any given time: one sci-fi/fantasy, one psychological thriller, and one comedy. What I work on depends on my mood. If you’d like one particular project finished ahead of the others, you need to influence my mood.

Why do you work in so many genres?

My mind is a complex place, a swirling maelstrom of emotions and interests. To only write one genre would require me to ignore every other aspect of my personality.

Other writers use pseudonyms to differentiate between their genres.

If somebody needs to be spoon fed, I don’t want that person as a reader. Use your reasoning brain, read the back cover blurb, check out the categories and genres, then decide if the book appeals to you. If it doesn’t, move along… nothing to read here.

What do you say to the haters?

Thank you! I love your negativity. I feed off your hate. I strive, at all times, to create work which polarises people. I want the readers to either love or hate my work. For me, the harshest feedback is ‘Meh, it’s OK.’

Do you have Facebook?

No! Facebook are evil and must be destroyed. Their unethical research on 700,000 uninformed users could have – and probably did – cause significant emotional harm, including depression and suicide. The only social media I use is Twitter.

A lot of your work could be described as confronting, regardless of the genre. Is that intentional?

I don’t see it. As an individual, a broad-minded gay man, I’m often accused of being shocking and outrageous. Maybe that flows through my work. However, one man’s outrage and is another’s man humdrum reality.

Do you have any last words for your readers?

Read my work. If you love it, tell your friends. If you hate it, tell your enemies 😉

Thank you for your time.

No problem. Now how about that blowjob you promised me?