Words That Hurt

Words can hurt

Over the last few years, the LGBT community have voiced concerns over the misappropriation of the word ‘gay’ by modern tweens. Originally, ‘gay’ meant happy and carefree. Then, homosexual men took the word as their own and gave it an entirely different meaning. Now, tweens are using the word in a negative sense.

But don’t despair, my LGBT brethren… tweens will drop usage of the word in a pejorative sense as education and awareness improves, just as usage of the word ‘retard’ has fallen out of favour. Or alternatively, the word ‘gay’ will end up with yet another completely different meaning to its original purpose. It’s a little confusing at times, however. If you call a man ‘gay’, is he happy, homosexual, or bad in some ill-defined way? It all really depends on how old you are. Continue reading “Words That Hurt”

Never give unsolicited advice

We all know at least one of them: people who love to ram their own opinion down our throat and point out that we’re doing the wrong thing. How do we normally respond? We roll our eyes, we tune out to what they’re saying, and we try to end the discussion as quickly as possible. Ultimately, we place no value on their opinion and walk away thinking ‘what a tosser!’ They’re probably a good mate in all other respects, fun to go to the pub with, entertaining at a party, always willing to help us move house, but we have no respect for them at all.

One of the basic tenets I live by is this: never give unsolicited advice! That also includes my unsolicited opinion, as giving someone your opinion is tantamount to giving advice. Even before I trained as a counsellor and life coach, learning the value of silence and restraint, I’d always strived to be open-minded and tolerant, and to keep my advice and opinions in check. There are a few reasons for this, and I’ll outline them below. Continue reading “Never give unsolicited advice”