About Brett Kiellerop

Brett KielleropBrett makes things up for a living. He likes to pretend he has ‘people’ by writing his profiles and biographies in the third person.

He’s a struggling writer, amateur photographer, wannabe songwriter, passionate playwright, aspiring filmmaker, and practising homosexual. One day, however, Brett hopes to master all these skills.

For human interaction away from his laptop, Brett enjoys travel, people watching at coffee shops, and sharing a laugh with friends.

Sci-Fi/Horror/Fantasy Writer

Brett’s first love will always be writing. He writes science fiction, fantasy, and horror novels… anything speculative. All his ideas are inspired by his experiences on the mothership, as he eagerly awaited his turn at the anal probe. (Note: if you’re an abductee, please don’t be offended. It’s just a joke. Leave the outrage to the British press.)

Visual Artist

As an outrageous gay man, Brett will try just about anything… especially if it’s a little confronting. At the moment he dabbles in artistic male photography and trashy gay dramedies; however, in the near future, he’d love to create some more visual art forms, including video vignettes for aspiring models, stage plays, music videos, and short films.

If you’re an emerging model looking to build a portfolio, or an established model or actor willing to try something different, get in touch with Brett. He’d love to hear from you:)


During his darker moments, Brett churns out gritty human dramas. He loves exploring the darker side of human nature, shining a light on the grey areas between good and evil, forcing good intentions to scurry away like cockroaches. If these books make you squirm, let Brett know. He’ll be thrilled!

Random Facts

  • Brett’s work is available exclusively at Amazon for Kindle devices and apps.
  • Brett has shared his life with the beautiful and talented David Morris, since 1996.
  • He speaks French and is currently working on Spanish.
  • Before pursuing writing full-time, Brett was a counsellor and therapist. He specialised in helping youths struggling with their gender and/or sexual identity.
  • David and Brett are Australian, but lived in Canada for 5 years and Europe for 3 years before calling Wellington, New Zealand, home.
  • Brett is a passionate advocate of the ketogenic diet.
  • He cooks a mouth-watering roast chicken.

Let your dreams soar, and your words will follow 🙂

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